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Finally! Some music I can actually dance to!! [2008-04-30, Conor, Cork, Ireland]

Well done on getting all of this together! Your gigs in Kenmare and the after-jams in Mike's house were the highlight of my winter! [2008-04-30, Adam, Kenmare, Ireland]

J'adore Tchoutchou que je passe quasi en boucle ! Bonne chance à vous et surtout encore beaucoup de musique tchoutchouienne !!!!! [2008-04-30, Eric, Lille, France]

Savage. I love your music. That album is gonna be kick ass. [2008-05-03, Benni, Limerick, Ireland]

Seeing and hearing you boys has lifted my heart. As long as people make music like you do, this world will survive! Thank you so much, God bless xxx [2008-09-15, Maria, Derry, UK]

Un gand bravo à cette belle équipe qui nous a fait bien voyager... [2009-04-14, Marion, Thivencelle, France]

Hey Guys, saw you outside the GPO in Cork a few nights ago. Was absolutely glued. Great stuff! [2009-06-06, Roopy, Cork, Ireland]

Cool show in galway today. super stuff [2009-06-11, Cosmin, Galway, Ireland]

Seriously enjoyed the gig guys!!! [2009-06-11, Robert, Ballyvaughan, Ireland]

You guys are so entertaining from your ability to sing and play instruments to the facial expressions. True performers. Please post a video soon. [2009-06-17, Darcy, Galway, Ireland]

Hey there Cuties ! Grange (sligo) misses you and your charming haunting exciting moving melodic vibrant crazy colourful poetic intoxicating happy hypnotic ecstatic magical thrilling inspiring heart-warming humble pure and totally tantalisingly toe-tapping and beautiful musical presence. (and cheeky smiles too)... Come back and play fantastic music again for us soon with the promise of a big party in your honour when you do. Sending you all lots of love and best wishes for the rest of the tour, hope you have fun and all get laid sometime soon Slan agus banacht x x x x Elaine [2009-06-17, Elaine, Sligo, Ireland]

loved the crazy setting tonight, well done lads! zuuz xxx [2009-06-18, Susu, Cork, Ireland]

Great gig in Brogans Ennis last Sunday lads..come back again soon and get us up dancing! [2009-06-20, Joan, Ennis, Ireland]

Fantastic gig at the phoenix - please come to Dingle next time you come to Ireland :) Keep up the good work - thanks lads - enjoy [2009-06-20, Mia, Dingle, Ireland]

What a gig last night guys..i love youre music SO much.. ye have something really special and the venue was perfect. Please come back again! Eileen [2009-06-21, Eileen, Cork, Ireland]

Guys saw you tuesday & wednesday night. Was absolutley blown away. Fantastic. Shame I missed ye last night. Enjoy the rest of the tour & come back to Ireland again soon. :) [2009-06-22, Marry, Cork, Ireland]

Thanx for your gig at the phoenix ... feckin' amazing and we all long for more !!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx [2009-06-30, Marcus, Dingle, Ireland]

Trop bien le concert au Biplan, place à la Mauvaise Herbe maintenant!!Wahou! [2009-07-05, Laetitia, Calais, France]

Génial votre concert à Orchies!!! Vous avez récolté le déchainement collectif! Une super ambiance véhiculée... Un monde à part! [2009-07-07, Aline, Boulogne, France]

genial le concert a Orhies vraiment magnifique !! [2009-07-07, Céline, Orchies, France]

Un concert mémorable à Orchies, vous avez une énergie contagieuse les gars , continuez de transmettre le rêve! [2009-07-07, Aline, Orchies, France]

c t vraiment géniale à Orchies!!! merci d'être venu !!! [2009-07-08, Manon, Orchies, France]

1000 Merci pour votre concert de Folie aux Epis Folies! C'était énooooooooooorme !!! [2009-07-08, Claire, Orchies, France]

Really enjoyed ye playing at the Red Hot Gypsy Soul night at the midsummer festival in Cork, hope ye come back soon! [2009-07-13, Caroline, Cork, Ireland]

Excellent moment passé au Biplan à Lille en votre compagnie. Vous y avez mis le feu !! C'était tout simplement génial Merci pour cette soirée inoubliable [2009-07-19, Pascal, Lille, France]

Gros merci les Txütxükan!!!!!! super concert chez nous hier!!! on vous adorrrrrrrrrrrre!!!! [2009-08-14, Le, Dinan, France]

Continuez comme ça, c'est génial !! [2009-09-27, Hays, Calais, France]

On adore quand vous êtes foux ! [2009-09-29, Amandine, Calais, France]

Merci à vous, continuez, le bonheur à l'état pur !! [2009-10-04, Eric, Lille, France]

Guys i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw that youre playing in sixmilebridge!!! I am ecstatic!! I saw you in the Glucksman gallery in cork last year and cant wait to see you again!!!!!! xxx [2009-10-10, Antonia, Cork, Ireland]

Moi, je préfèrerais que vous reveniez à Toulouse!!!! Heureusement qu'on pt écouter Djoudjou sur MSP quand vs ns mquez trop!! [2009-11-23, Stéphane, Toulouse, France]

Et que vive votre musique [2009-11-28, Tifaine, Nantes, France]

Merci oh oui merci et surtout merci pour l'accordéon [2009-11-28, Enfant, Nantes, France]

A tout bientôt en Espagne, en France, en Irlande... Je vous suivra, ou vous z'ira j'ira .... [2009-11-29, Léo, Uli, Espagne]

What a night that was! beautiful music, spectacular madness! [2010-01-12, Gary, , Ireland]

Hello [2010-02-02, test, , Tst]

Guys..Merci,merci merci pour last was tres superb,One of the best gigs ive been to in ages.looking forward to more! [2010-02-02, Eileen, , Ireland]

I saw you folks on the saterday and sunday in six mile bridge, totally blown away. on the sunday I thought you couldn't get any better, then we all saw this stunning, exotic woman playing violin and seducing the pub as she danced. really beautiful music! [2010-02-02, Elken, , Ireland]

Saw you play a couple of gigs in Sixmilebridge.....awesome!! [2010-02-02, Sheelagh, , Ireland]

Well done. great music. i came late and sat with my friend duriing your gig in ... Casey's?? McGregor's?? ne me souviens plus maitenant, je suis desolée.... it was roasting in there anyway!! nice to know we can get it hot in Ireland (inside at least!) ... [2010-02-02, Penelop, , Ireland]

absolutally fantastic guys!!! and stella,...mucho besos,till the next time....what was with thepapaparrazza p [2010-03-04, Deirdre, , Ireland]

thank you!!!!!! greaaat gig! Nikita loves you xx [2010-03-04, Nikita, , Ireland]

Such a great evening, what a fantastic atmosphere! [2010-03-04, Penny, , Ireland]

bonjour! txu-txu... was at the gig last night... danced my dead off. brilliant!!! merci beaucoup!!! [2010-03-04, Martin, , Ireland]

Big thanks on the behalf of boutique events for a fantastic gig! You were all amazing and we're very proud of last night, which wouldn't have happen without you ! [2010-03-09, Joya, , Ireland]

Merci pour cette superbe soirée! Grâce à vous et aux 3 autres groupes, la plus belle édition de notre Saint Patrick! [2010-03-15, Alain, , France]

C'est super chouette, c'est extra fou :) [2010-03-15, Luciole, , France]

Fantastic gig @ Cork Pavilion. Best music I've heard in a long time. [2010-04-09, FleosC, , Ireland]

wishes people knew more about Acoustic Txutxukan =AMAZING !!! [2010-04-09, John, , Ireland]

hello txütxükan!!! Your concert in blarney last saturday was amazing. we had a lot of fun listening and dancing to your music!!! the cd is great!!! congratulations. hope to see you some day in austria :) [2010-04-16, Angelika, , Austria]

Your music is fantastic !! [2010-04-18, John, , Ireland]

We really enjoyed the gig in Ui Croinins last friday night.Ye will definatly have to come back soon.Brilliant musicians!! [2010-04-25, Simon, , Ie]

Dont stop the train....keep her full shhhteam ahead.... Choo Choo..... [2010-04-25, Jack, , Ie]

We had a mad night saturday great fun [2010-04-25, T, , Ie]

Keep up playing that brilliant music lads xxx [2010-04-25, P, , Ie]

You are still the best gig i've been too in a long long time, loving your cd, im a sean nos dancer and have been working on incorporating old style irish dance with your music, challenging but intersting mixing irish rhythms to your ecclectic fusion of gypsy music [2010-05-11, Stephanie,, , Ireland]

saluuut!!! je vous ai vu jeudi dernier au Pavillion avec le North Strand Kontra Band!!! I met some of you after the show in that tiny room backstage, when I was talking to one of the North Strand guys, and you were very polite and spoke en anglais vers nous! I really really enjoyed the show so I will see you in Crane Lane next Monday!!! Bisous! [2010-05-11, Sarah,, , Ireland]

Hey lads! Thanks for coming to Feile na Bealtaine - great concerts both in Dingle and in Ballyferriter - so much energy - so enjoyable - so much fun!! Come back sometime!! [2010-05-11, Mia, , Ireland]

Thanks guys for an amazing night..i love the electric eclectic vibe man..more!! [2010-05-15, Eileen, , Ie]

Absolutelly loved last night,fantastic fusion of electric/acoustic,gender and energies.thank you for bringing so much.go well on your journey. [2010-05-15, Deirdre, , Ireland]

steady on,superb musicians though,love it,was quite pyschadelic last nite, without the drugs! Tis wonderfull how the musizk can carry you away,powerfull tool,wield it so well you do,we enjoyed it soooh much,thank you,till the next time,hugs [2010-05-16, Dee, , Ireland]

wants to thank txutxukan for a fantastic performance in the beer garden and looking forward already to them playing again august bank holiday wknd [2010-05-17, The, , Ireland]

Really enjoyed Fri night. It was my 5th time seeing you and its wonderful that each gig is so different. Are you planning coming back to Cork later in the year? Hope you have a good trip to France ! [2010-05-18, Marie, , Ireland]

I heard fantastic things around the Pav about ye today!! Heard ye had the place hopping! Well done, gutted I missed it, looking forward to catching ye next time though!! [2010-05-18, Laura,, , Ireland]

Hoy! I've been waiting since 2009 for new sounds from you gents, I'm so excited about your new album! I'm saving up some, will order soon! Lots of love from your biggest US fan- [2013-07-30, Raelynn, , Usa]

It was brilliant, as always!!!! Thanks so much for the music, ye all are so gifted and passionate! [2013-08-06, Birgit, , Ie]

DONT MISS.if you havent seen these guys you havent lived..i kid you not [2013-08-06, Eileen, , Ie]

I enjoyed it soooo much, so good to have seen you again!!!! Sorry, that I couldn't stay on but you were probably busy anyway doing whatever you did then Please give us a shout when you pass through Limerick! [2013-08-06, Birgit, , Ie]

Tonight in Parnell was guys transport me to another world every single time...... [2013-08-06, Eileen, , Ie]

You are magnificent! [2013-08-06, Sara, , Ie]

arrived to your show in inch 6 hours to ear the album tho. savage stuff [2013-08-06, Dɯǝ, , Ie]

I'm so glad you guys are gigging again! I wish i was in ireland! Hopefully i'll catch you down the road somewhere. Bonne route! [2013-08-06, Zana, , Fr]

Last night was just incredibly fun!!! You guys are simply brilliant. [2013-08-07, Suadela, , Ie]

Just had an amazing evening. It started off with dinner, fresh mackerel caught this morning fried the way my mother did, coated in a flour and egg mixture, served with Wexford new potatoes and bunched carrots, followed by Wexford strawberries. What a taste festival. Then went to a great gig featuring the incredible Acoustic Txutxukan and from Cork the gorgeous and talented Suadella bellydancers. What a trip, I' m on a high after that, 3 pints of Murphy's added to the night's enjoyment. I won't be able to sleep for awhile so it looks like I'll have to pour a glass of wine to chill. Life is good. [2013-08-07, Kevin, , Ie]

Great gig tonight! A wonderful birthday present and so much dancing Thank you! x [2013-08-12, Nadia, , Ie]

J'étais au concert samedi soir a Derry! C'était top! Merci pour cette tres bonne soirée et a bientot! Bonne route ! [2013-08-12, Xavier, , Ie]

hi from edinburgh fringe fest..wish ye could play here...theyd love ye..amazing..get yourselves a gig! [2013-08-13, Eileen, , Ie]

Outstanding musical extravaganza once again!!! Merci! [2013-08-13, Charlene, , Ie]

viva la musicaahh [2013-08-13, Yinka, , Ie]

We had an amazing time dancing to the sounds of Acoustic Txutxukan last night in the Pavilion!!! Thank you guys for 2 amazing nights!! [2013-08-13, Suadela, , Ie]

Absolutely brilliant music - go see these guys if you get a chance! [2013-08-13, Michael, , Ie]

Hi, Just wondering if your playing anymore gigs in ireland this year. saw ye a few years ago in clare and really enjoyed it. [2013-08-17, Kevin, , Ireland]

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